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How is VR Technology affecting Automobile Design?

By CIOReview | Friday, July 19, 2019

The 3D medium of VR technology is proving to be a saving grace for designers as well as engineers.  

FREMONT, CA: Often, the innovative designs of futuristic concept cars startle our artistic minds, while the scrutinizing side of the human brain simultaneously continues to search for relevant answers. Questions like why this arc and the relevance of this shape fill the section of questionnaires in the launching events, which make the situation of automobile designers quite cumbersome. However, with the introduction of virtual reality in the automotive industry, all questions can be answered very quickly.

Integration of VR technology opened a new world of innovative possibilities, which, when harnessed in the right way, produces excellent results. Wearing a VR powered headset, the user is teleported to a 3D medium. Furthermore, with the extension of a dimensional parameter, experts can render perfect designs which were previously very hard to attain. The unavailability of realistic supervision in the traditional 2D space caused many artists to scrap various plans. Until recently, the application of VR has catalyzed the designers to sketch countless designs in a 3D space.

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The functional and artistic differences of engineers and designers have long been the issue of various automobile enterprises. Many companies were forced to apply guideline in designing, which limited the creative vision of developers. However, with VR technology installed with safety guidelines, designers are able to perform freely, which enhances the end product of the company. In the same 3D, workspace engineers can modify and change shapes based on perfect calculations of physical parameters.

Traditionally, the manufacturers used to build concept beta models before finalizing the design, which elevated the cost of production and extended the launch of newly designed vehicles. On the other hand, with the enhanced 3D environment, trail concepts can be manufactured within minutes and even manipulated within the same environment. Therefore, the 3D imaging software will not only provide a valuable addition to the innovative tools but also increase the profit margin to a maximum. As the significance of VR in an automobile industry elevates, the designers are able to create high-end functional concepts for the future generation. 

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