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How IT Infrastructure Trends Play a Big Role in the Adoption of Hybrid Multi-Cloud

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 8, 2018

According to industry experts, multi-cloud storage support has already become a rising trend in 2018 along with cloud-based file storage and increasing adoption of hybrid approaches. “ I see a huge acceleration in customers adopting a multi-cloud storage strategy. The maturity of containers and adoption of DevOps will dictate to customers to invest in modern tools and technology, ” states Milan Shetty, GM of storage and Big Data, HP.

There are various proven products to migrate applications like virtual machines between on-premises and the cloud, but moving data is a completely different story. It is predicted that powerful innovation in storage products will assist customers to move their data between their cloud centers and public cloud conveniently. “Major cloud vendors will start to build or buy file once they realize the quality and scalable file storage is essential for capturing computer-intensive workloads,” states Peter Godman, founder and CTO of Qumulo.

Businesses will continue to commit to multi-cloud architectures, public and private both, and also from multiple providers but can cause complexities in management. Cloud computing will now get a more significant share of the ongoing investment in business technology.The overall spending of IT infrastructure products in cloud environments reached $46.5 billion last year with year-over-year growth of 20.9 percent according to a market study report by International Data Corporation (IDC).

“As adoption of public cloud services and private cloud deployments continue to spread around the world replacing traditional on-premises hardware-centric IT settings, overall market spending on servers, storage, and networking will follow this move,” states Natalya Yezhkova research director at IDC.