How Leveraging Agile Technology Can Benefit Organizations in the Future?
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How Leveraging Agile Technology Can Benefit Organizations in the Future?

By CIOReview | Monday, December 2, 2019

Agile squads have several real and tangible benefits that have been proven in many real-life company settings that benefit every organization, which the leadership should, at the very least, consider carefully.

FREMONT, CA: Organizations are looking to boost their productivity and efficiency along with keeping the employees motivated and creative. Many have tried various workforce management and team management styles and methods. Most of these methods lie outside the lines of what defines traditional corporate and management culture, and while unconventional, most of these alternative methods are in use and working.Top Agile Solution Companies

The agile squad is the smallest unit in the agile organization. Agile teams have been instrumental in giving the workers a greater sense of purpose and value in the enterprises since the agile squad relies less on the top-down rank style of management and leadership, which is based more on teamwork and cooperation between its employees. This gives everyone a chance to pitch their ideas, and the small size of these squads make it transformative and effective as opposed to counterproductive, a hurdle that a larger team could fall into. And since the teams are largely self-managed, the employees are free from the stifling influence of micromanagers and have more leeway to develop the solutions and discover new things that can contribute to finishing the task at hand, but can also potentially affect the organization in a larger context positively.

One of the most significant benefits of an agile squad is that all the team members know everything about the various aspects and factors that make up the project that the team is currently working on. Another issue is the personnel risk when the team members call in sick, other related issues, or even if they resign. Knowledge risk, on the other hand, emerges from miscommunication and other related issues, that often results in people only knowing what they need to do but not of what other teammates and teams are doing. Using an agile squad reduces the risks due to its cross-functional and multidisciplinary nature, which permits members to see the task not only from their specific point of view but also from a larger and more holistic perspective.

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