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Artificial Intelligence as a tool to Defend against Cyber Attacks

By CIOReview | Monday, January 15, 2018

From budding startups to multinational enterprises the overload of data has always been a struggle. With increase in the volume of business and personal data, increases the threat of data breaches. This has created a huge demand for robust technologies that can take immediate action and improve cyber security.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), with no doubt, will play a major role in cybersecurity as it is a magnificent tool to detect threats. Deploying Machine Learning models that can anticipate and precisely identify attacks and later prevent those attacks will be a blessing to any organization. It identifies abnormalities by monitoring network traffic and flags up any distrustful activity. AI and MI are not substitutes to security analysts. On the contrary, they reduce the simple work which helps the analyst to concentrate on complex functions and enables organizations to efficiently prioritize their tasks.

Any suspicious activity spot by the machine is sent to the analyst to perform right actions. Some advanced machine learning has the capacity to respond by itself. Using the information, it can limit access to certain users without any human intervention. They are good at structuring data’s and organizing them for a better output. Machine learning can be applicable in behavior analysis. It is a powerful tool and must be used wisely to reduce pitfall. 

When looked into deeply, hackers are not the only reason for security breaches. According to the Data Incident Response Report, human error is still to be blamed for most security breaches.

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