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How Marketing Automation is Beneficial to Businesses

By CIOReview | Thursday, April 22, 2021
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cio review

Marketing automation allows sales teams to work with qualified leads and convert more leads into sales.

FREMONT, CA : Marketing automation is critical for increasing the overall success rate of the marketing campaigns since it coordinates all marketing activities. Marketers can use automation software to understand their customers' journeys better, automate routine activities, create potential leads, nurture leads, and transform them into sales.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation uses software to automate the marketing activities through various channels, like blogs, social media, and email.

Marketing automation is the ideal tool for planning strategy, creating various types of content, segmenting consumers, generating leads, nurturing leads, and converting them into sales.

How Does Marketing Automation Work?

The automation software monitors the behavior of the customers and sends each one a different set of emails. Customers who never visited the site after registering receive emails with special offers. Customers who abandon their carts midway during the checkout process will receive an abandoned cart notice. It also sent an order confirmation and product tracking ID email to the consumers who have ordered products from the site.

This way, the marketing automation software operates. It finds the lead, nurtures it, and closes the sale on its own, without the help of human intervention.

Key Benefits of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation provides many benefits for companies seeking to increase the flow of qualified leads.

Reduce Marketing Costs

Marketing automation reduces the amount of time and energy required to perform various marketing tasks. It also declutters the database by removing duplicate records, assisting with file hosting, and distributing content according to predefined laws. This contributes to a significant reduction in total marketing costs.

Identify Bottlenecks in the Sales Pipeline

The marketing lifecycle is focused on developing leads, nurturing them, and converting them to sales. There are significant bottlenecks that could clog the sales funnel if they are not addressed immediately. Each of the above bottlenecks in the sales pipeline can be solved with marketing automation. The platform scores the lead based on behavior, geography, and demographics with automated lead management.

Nurture Leads by Reaching Them Across Multiple Channels

Automated lead nurturing will make a significant difference in the overall marketing plan. According to reports, 50 percent of leads need nurturing to progress to the next level of the purchasing funnel. Automated marketing allows companies to introduce their brand to the consumer positively on the platforms where they are present during their entire purchasing journey.