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How Marketing Influenced by Knowledge Management

By CIOReview | Monday, May 6, 2019

Knowledge Management (KM) has ushered in a new reality, whereby enterprises have been increasingly responsive to the concept of a single source of business knowledge. Research shows that 46 percent of enterprises have begun investing in AI, while 40 percent of them are looking into customer support in marketing. Front- and back-office capacities are automated using chatbots and self-service technology, which completely negate the need for human interference in the handling of inquiries. 

KM covers and refers to the process of managing data around customer interactions, products, and working methods, which benefit the self-improvement of individuals over the endeavor. KM programs tend to run primarily for the benefit of undertakings with customer support or IT administration groups.

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The implementation of chatbot and self-service technology in enterprises will make it simpler to assemble the information necessary for planning and spotting customer’s issues, and also help clients in handling problems on their own. The expansion of KM is expected to bring about alterations in the process of developing content and work style, which will eventually support automation initiatives in delivering more value.

Following the implementation process, the customer support team gathers through feedbacks and reports, which aid in identifying issues affecting a significant number of customers. A frequently faced problem in this arena is the mismanagement of knowledge. Solutions need to be scaled up regularly to ensure that issues are adequately handled on time. Customer service teams need to collaborate with marketers to deliver appropriate content that reflects product dimensions. Besides, it can improve efficiency, regardless of the methods of using automation services and chatbots. 

AI and automation process technologies are being the integral components of knowledge management skills that enhance customer engagement and marketing, and encourage enterprises to improve data integrity, discover data gaps and create new content. KM software is rapidly evolving as more accessible and functional innovations typically aimed to fill specific gaps in the client interaction, rather than being part of strategies around customer support.

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