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How Massdrop is building a business on niche obsessions

By CIOReview | Friday, April 27, 2018

Massdrop is scaling its collaboration concept into five vertical communities, namely mechanical keyboards, audiophile, everyday carry, and men’s fashion, which is further categorized into heritage wear, formal wear and street wear. All these will be marketed under the Massdrop Made brand.

Massdrop has five million enthusiasts in a wide range of product verticals, and its ultimate goal is to collaborate with different companies (like Harman, Sennheiser, and Allen Edmonds) to design products according to market trends and demands from the brand’s enthusiastic customers and audience.

Massdrop generally goes directly to different companies with community generated ideas; companies also come to it to leverage its audience’s insights. These companies consider Massdrop to have a unique business model and keep going back to the site to be a part of more intense and innovative discussion.

The product enthusiasts that have been cultivated by Massdrop are the holy grails for collaborating companies which mainly focus on creating products that Massdrop’s customers carve for but can’t find anywhere else. Massdrop has become popular solely by the word-of-mouth and many in marketing talk about the power of the content generated by the users. Massdrop has not only understood the need for user-generated content but has also discovered its even greater powers.

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