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How Mobile Technology is Energizing Farming Operations

By CIOReview | Friday, November 22, 2019

With mobile technology bringing amazing new solutions, farmers are finding it easier to manage agricultural activities. 

FREMONT, CA: One of today's significant challenges facing farmers is the need to provide food for a booming population while balancing climate change issues and environmental issues. The emergence of precision agriculture provides farmers with opportunities to develop new crops and systems that can boost food production. Precision agricultural technology uses on-farm technology to open up new agricultural efficiency dimensions. Among these, mobile technology offers farmers the ability to monitor, store, and share information through a mobile device anywhere in the world, bringing precision agriculture to the next level. Know why mobile tech should be looked at by farmers. 

Farmers need to know as much as possible about farming environments from soil to climate to keep their crops healthy. Farmers use smartphones in precision agriculture to navigate fields, identify weeds, calculate fertilizer and chemical blends, track measurements of rainfall, and track crop harvests. There are precision agriculture apps that enable data to be synchronized across multiple platforms, allowing farmers to take field notes and access them whenever they want. 

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Data plays a critical role in farming operations, like other industries. Minute-to-minute information for crops can be important. Farmers can receive alerts when farming parameters such as temperature or water vary from the optimum requirement in precision agriculture powered by mobile technology. The mobile technology-enabled system can also provide sustainable solutions to common agricultural problems for farmers. Mobile farming applications also use cloud computing to provide farmers with access to data wherever and whenever they need it. 

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Mobile devices do not only cover tasks in the field. Many farmers operate farming while they're away from their fields. Mobile precision agricultural applications help farmers track who's working on what, where, and how long they're spending on their job. Such knowledge can be valuable for accounting and payroll. Farmers can also track prices of commodities and news to make informed farming decisions. Not only are mobile devices, the future of communication, but they are also the future of farming. They will help farmers to work more intelligently to feed the world.

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