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How OCE Cloud Platform Helps Organizations in Managing Files?

By CIOReview | Monday, September 9, 2019

A cloud-based managing platform that manages the content and digital assets with a human touch anywhere.

FREMONT, CA: The world is moving at a rapid pace toward an eternal digital hub. Accepting digitalization makes us be more careful with keeping our documents and assets safe. The term digital assets refer to any content that is owned and stored in a digital platform. Digital content can include files that comprise of images, photos, videos, and text files. These files need to be monitored and kept safe. Oracle Content and Experience Cloud (OCE), is a cloud-based content platform that lets users control the contents and digital assets wherever users are by keeping all the files at their fingertips at home, at the airport, at the office, or even somewhere halfway across the world. Due to easy-to-use collaboration and workflow management, this cloud-based content hub helps to streamline the creation and delivery of the content to improve both customer and employee engagement. 

Content is the core of all marketing and sales effort, with Oracle and Experience Cloud. One can share the process, collaborate, and manage all the content easily and effectively. Let's have a look at how Oracle Content and Experience Cloud helps organizations.

1.  Anything Wireless

Whether it's a computer, tablet, or smartphone, with OCE, users are good to start managing data. Managing the content becomes as easy as adding, deleting, and moving files as needed. If pictures need to be approved before use on a website, it can be viewed on mobile devices or desktop, approve it and move it through the design process.

2. Sharing is Caring

Users can share entire folders with others. Whenever users share files, they are in complete control of who gets access to the files and what the receivers can do with them. Apart from this, they will also be able to share websites, and collection of digital assets, so that others also have access to all the content that is needed for a project.

3. Create, Manage, and Publish

With OCE, it becomes easy to manage all the assets that are needed for a website in a single place and set up rules governing the use of those assets. One can easily publish and update the sites and make it available immediately. Content creation is also possible. This can include articles, blog, or listings, which can be published on a website or in a brochure or wherever it is needed. 

4. Monitor the Workflow

By focusing on the content in a workflow for a certain group or an individual, it is possible for users to approve, revise, or eliminate bottlenecks anytime in the process flow. Streamlined process management and content sharing will mean more efficiency and fewer gaps in shared knowledge.

The organizations are continuously challenged to build digital experiences that will engage customers seamlessly. The beauty of OCE is that it allows identification of parameters that can be set as guidelines for a site that comprises of different content types, channels, localizations, and repositories. 

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