How Payment Technology Can Transform Retail Industry?
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How Payment Technology Can Transform Retail Industry?

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 12, 2021

With the customer's longing for speed and proficiency that is driving new payment technologies, here are the top trends retailers ought to concentrate on.

FREMONT, CA: 2018, especially for brick and mortar stores, is regarded as a turmoil year for retailers. They struggled, grappling with high rental costs, a change in customer behavior towards seasoned transactions, and online store competition. Productivity and experience are the two primary regions where retailers depend on to fetch customers and improve spending.

In this process, technology plays a key role, especially while assessing payment patterns for the coming years.

Smartphone payments

With mobile payments hitting a tipping point rapidly, the number of consumers shopping online via smartphones is growing. Many of the physical items such as maps, cameras have already been replaced by smartphones—it is only a matter of time before because separate payment cards have not really been required. Smartphones can also provide higher possibilities to link purchases with loyalty.

Free shoppingTop Payment and Card Solution Companies

As per a study by Worldpay, 40 percent of the clients found physical shopping experience extremely disappointing and irritating. Expelling checkouts are perfect as they give workers the advantage of being liberated and interacting with customers. Updating a flexible deal intent (MPOS) occurs as moderate progress between the customers remaining in the queue up to a total without checkout experience, allowing for tactical pitching and upselling opportunities. Also, MPOS reduces the number of deals missed as out of stock items that can be requested immediately online with its customers and installments being accomplished fortnight. As consumers visit the store to collect their pre-requested items, using MPOS for snap and-gather will later motivate them to make extra purchases.

The man-made logic tools will have the option of making personalized recommendations based on previous buy data, reacting to any query addresses using details, and providing clear customer experience by effectively taking care of transactions.

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