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How Personalization Enhances the Guest Experience

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 2, 2019

The abundance of personalized features in the market today make it possible to take the guest experience can be to a whole new level. From preselecting the room location and services to choosing the welcome tray and its offerings, personalization has made it possible to customize every detail of a hotel visit according to the guest’s liking.

In order to personalize the rooms and service, guest profile data containing statistic, psychographic and past purchase information is collected and stored in a centralized repository enabled by cloud. With cloud Property Management System (PMS) capabilities, hoteliers can merge the guest profile data into a single archive that provides a comprehensive and detailed view of the customer’s previous experiences with the brand.

The data in the centralized cloud repository is originated from a diversity of sources like different parts of the property, partners, and even third parties. Some of the platforms for data generation are transaction and booking channels, guest satisfaction surveys, social network, casual conversations with the front desk, observations recorded by the housekeeping staff.

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Hospitality solutions are utilizing advanced automated match-and-merge features, which collate guest information with increasing accuracy.  The recorded data contained in the extensive guest profiles maintained by hoteliers serve as another means of individualizing customer experience. The PMS built for the cloud enables hoteliers to upgrade the guest to higher levels of service. For example, the cloud PMS enables mobile access optimization with which housekeeping staff can view room assignments, make status updates, and track guest details in real time.

In the hotel industry, guests expect an enhanced personalized experience based on their previous purchases and experiences with the hotel. With the rapid evolution of technology, hoteliers can track individualized customer data and meet guest expectations better. Currently, personalization enhancement in the hotel industry is gaining steam and is expected to become a significant part of the arena.

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