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How Progressive Exchange Solution Makes Crypto Exchange Simpler?

By CIOReview | Monday, November 4, 2019

With a latest exchange solution, companies are able to launch crypto exchanges within moments.

FREMONT, CA: BitHolla, a professional and enterprise-level cryptocurrency and blockchain-based online trading services provider has released a new exchange solution, HollaEx. This new solution facilitates companies to run their own exchange. The HollaEx Kit contains everything in one place for token issuances. It is the most suitable solution for cryptocurrency champions who look to release a token or other financial solution. Through HollaEx Kit, building an exchange platform is easier for anyone, building a new marketplace. It is the first product on the market, allowing individuals to create crypto exchanges swiftly and bypass technical development exchange listing fees and additional costs.

The HollaEx Kit enables businesses by providing simple solutions, customized with each feature for regular exchanges. This process helps companies to launch a crypto exchange within moments, making it easier for cryptocurrency enterprises to create their own exchange and tokens. The HollaEx Kit helps cryptocurrencies avoid up to 95% of startup expenses, making it easier for cryptocurrencies to release initial exchange offerings (IEO) straight to the market.

The HollaEx Kit speeds up the means of being listed on crypto ranking websites like CoinMarketCap. To use the HollaEx solution, a definite amount of tokens are stored, and when the exchange operator prefers to stop running the exchange, the stored tokens can be reclaimed by the cryptocurrency businesses. This, in turn, expedites business-savvy individuals to run their own exchange in a low-risk and affordable way in this HollaEx collateral model.

BitHolla is a technology-based business, providing technologies and services based on Bitcoin and other blockchain applications. The company intends to move money forward by concentrating on cryptocurrencies and their applications in finance. BitHolla offers a full crypto trading stack with its product line from Bitcoin trading infrastructure to licensed cryptocurrency trading terminal through XRayTrade and HollaEx crypto exchange software packages.

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