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How retailing industry can use AI to the fullest

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 2, 2019

The retailing industry awaits advancements in the technology of  Artificial intelligence (AI). As customers of the retailers are the direct end users, this industry has significant responsibility for satisfying the rising demands and meeting the growing expectations of the customers. As customized and responsive shopping experiences are the top areas under focus, retailers employ AI technology to serve the purpose. However, retailers have certain limitations apart from cost and risk factors, to fix before they can completely unleash the power of AI. The following is a 3-step guide to adopt and use AI applications tailored for the retailers confidently.

• Know where to start

According to the researchers, cloud technology lays the foundation for exploring all the utility aspects of AI technology. Cloud computing technique helps in combining and upgrading systems and devices as per the growing data requirements. AI features build on the cloud foundation and assist in fulfilling the needs of the retailers.

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• Pick what is essential

Artificial Intelligence is a vast stream involving utilities and featuring of fields like robotic process automation (RPA), machine learning, machine-to-machine, etc., catering to a broad spectrum of industries and areas. Retailers are expected to select the best suiting AI concept. Prioritizing the needs of the business processes, and understanding the purpose, retailers can make a suitable choice on the AI specification that fits the best.    

• Innovate as per your vision

After finalizing the AI application, the retailing industries can come up with unique and specialized merchandize software. Innovating services and products based on the technology of AI, retailing industries can ensure improved efficiency and software relevance with the purpose.    

Leveraging advanced and sophisticated AI features, the retailing industry is immensely benefitted by this technology. Employing ways to readily adopt smart AI applications drive retailers towards realizing their business goals. 

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