How SAP Cloud Platform Integration Services Help Organizations

How SAP Cloud Platform Integration Services Help Organizations

By CIOReview | Wednesday, February 3, 2021

SAP cloud platform covers all the elements needed to address the challenges and pave the way towards a digital transformation.

FREMONT, CA: Cloud integration solution includes all the features needed to jumpstart the move to an Intelligent Enterprise. SAPCP-IS allows integration of processes and data both in application-to-application (A2A) and business-to-business (B2B) scenarios.

Real-time Processing

SAPCP-IS is managed in SAP's secure data centers worldwide for a fast, reliable experience. Data can be integrated both synchronously and asynchronously, depending on the needs. SAP also secures data for safe and reliable processing, protecting the firm from unnecessary downtime and the resulting costs. It also has a lower total cost of ownership with minimal upfront investment and a reasonable pay-as-you-go subscription model.


The organizations can easily integrate the data from a diverse source like tools sensors and online sentiment. For a fast-forward integration projects and see the results quickly, they can adopt prepackaged integration content and an extensive integration flow catalog.


SAPCP-IS offers end-to-end customization to fit operations. Building off of SAP's pre-delivered integration scenarios, the firm can create their extension to incorporate custom requirements. SAP's adapter software development kit (SDK) allows building custom adapters for additional connectivity. The firm can customize access to SAP Cloud Platform Integration with public OData application programming interfaces (APIs).

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World-class support

Leveraging SAPCP is more comfortable with a qualified partner. They thoroughly assess the needs, recommend the right solutions for business, and manage every step of deployment for a seamless experience. It also offers ongoing support to maximize the ROI and keep the business running smoothly.

The SAP cloud platform also combines SAP HANA Data Management Suite tools and Data Orchestration solution SAP data hub along with offering smooth and seamless interaction between SAP's SaaS and core SAP system. The integration ensures a hassle-free retrieval of information from any disparate system. The seamless integration of the Hybrid system landscape with the existing solution is another advantage SAP cloud offers.

As an open standard platform, SAP cloud gives IT experts the opportunity to leverage the platform with a range of development tools. It becomes much more comfortable for developers to build customized business services and applications by applying their technical skills. Other features added to the cloud platform are the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model that enables to create business applications based on your domain logic quickly.