How Secure is Hybrid Cloud Storage?

By CIOReview | Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Cloud data security is an enterprise’s critical concern, and it becomes important to understand, “How secured is the data in Hybrid cloud storage?”

Security of any cloud system is not solely dependent on the cloud model, but is also depends on the organization’s process to streamline and maintain cloud computing for secure utilization. Hybrid cloud steps between Private and Public cloud system and entails some security risks which can be rectified. An outage may result in breakdown of the Hybrid cloud security system; the cloud system should be redundant enough to withstand failure. Enterprises need to sync both—Private and Public cloud-based systems and make them compliant with each other, maintaining balance that results in risk free management. Also the Hybrid cloud storage system should be integrated with security controls—authentication, authorization and identity management, and deployed on both Public and Private cloud systems to optimize switchover during system collapse.

Enterprises are splitting their data between Public and Private clouds which needs to be secured. The key to secure such data in multiple locations is to get the ownership of the encryption key, which now has become possible with a technological breakthrough—split-key encryption. This technology encrypts all the resources and is owned by the enterprise itself. Split-key encryption is a patent-pending technology of ‘Porticor’, a subsidiary of Intuit which offers cloud security solutions.

For securing data in a Hybrid cloud storage system, CIOs must focus on solutions that prioritize risk management with greater transparency and which remains compliant with the latest security standards. A research by Gartner displays some of the Hybrid cloud vendors—AT&T, AWS, HP, Nirvanix, Rackspace, and many more which are dedicated to secure hybrid cloud storage systems.     

Mastering the security methods by developing a strategic plan exempts all downsides of cloud security in a hybrid cloud system, forging strong relationship with customers, and building trust. An analysis made by ‘Markets and Markets’ reveal that Hybrid cloud market will ascend to USD 91.74 Bn in 2021 from USD 33.28 Bn which is the current value.