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How Shopfronts Can Help in Alluring Travelers?

By CIOReview | Friday, December 6, 2019

Travel agencies are attracting travelers' attention by substituting their offices with lounges serving drinks and functioning as a party spot.

FREMONT, CA: Travel agencies are establishing shop fronts on crowded streets these days to attract travelers ' attention while persuading them that they are still there. Tafari Travel, one of the travel agencies in Brooklyn, New York, has attempted this as it unlocks with four-windowed garage doors to the historic Dumbo neighborhood. A mid-20th-century lounge with modern touches stacked with coffee, wine, and vintage holiday magazines delighted the passersby. The majority of them were caught by the sight of the photos posted in the windows of the resort, and they think that the converted warehouse is an office for real estate

After partnering with Austin's Departure Lounge, the travel agency-and-bar mix offers complimentary drinks in a brilliant lounge, which often turns into an event space. Departure Lounge and the Tafari companies are located "on the street front and back," where local people are most likely to stumble into them. About 90% of those who visit the Departure Lounge have never used a travel agent. They explain how all work to those who had their own holiday plans wrangled. They do not charge fees for their personalized journey plans. Over 80 percent of people who meet with a tour advisor eventually book a trip because of these advantages.Top Travel and Hospitality Solution Companies

Customers build a strong friendship with their travel consultants in the signature coffee blend of the Departure Lounge. A face to face communication is much better than anything that is accomplished through telephone and email because individuals were not comfortable in utilizing the touch screens. Travel Design Lounge, a travel and transport offshoot, draws tourists to offer a travel experience as a neighborhood meeting point that offers free live music on the summer weekends. The space is full of events ranging from Italian wine tastings to bridal showers. It also offers different opportunities for relatives and bridal parties to gather at communal tables, filled with travel books.

So a group of people can come and organize together with an advisor instead of one person receiving all the information. It's all about having an authentic travel experience by getting more of a sense of the individual.

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