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How Technology Acts As A Shield Against Disaster?

By CIOReview | Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Nothing can be better than having an idea in advance about the tragedy to save multiple lives. It is AI that comes to rescue in such a desperate situation.

FREMONT, CA: There are several areas in which Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have had an impact, but disaster management and recovery have become the technology's new bailiwick. AI aims to apply the technology properly by helping and alerting the first responders, together with the communities affected by the disaster.

Forecast and Prediction

The greatest strength of AI lies in its ability to predict the catastrophe and prepare the authorities before the disaster. The technology helps to accumulate a large amount of data important to the disaster's potential as well as providing high-resolution pictures for thorough analysis. Using AI in the emergency management sector can minimize the destruction as it warns the teams in advance and helps them to prepare different strategies that can support them during the crisis. It can also forecast the regions most likely to be affected by a catastrophe and help make better decisions on building permits and policies. Moreover, AI can also be an invaluable asset when it comes to monitoring, planning, and upgrading core defense mechanisms. 

On-Ground PotentialTop Artificial Intelligence Solution Companies in UK

Nowadays, when a natural disaster happens, folks on the ground turn to social media to quickly crowdsource rescue missions through fundraising and assistance initiatives. Such social media platforms are based on the ML and AI algorithms to help both ordinary and first respondents stay updated and organized. AI can be used to filter data from billions of posts on social media, while algorithms can be utilized to provide specific information. They can work together to help the rescue workers reach the places that are most damaged.

AI in Aftermath

The irregularities in various insurance settlements and financial difficulties after the disaster can be a big reason to worry. The insurance companies are using AI to seamlessly process the requested information and filter the high priority requests.

Combination of AI and Robot

The robots are used extensively to monitor the destruction of individuals and provide accurate information. The integration of autonomous computers and AI algorithms can be a key factor in enhancing the ability to secure people and structures before or after a catastrophe.

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