How Technology Helps Sales Managers Stay Ahead Of The Curve
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How Technology Helps Sales Managers Stay Ahead Of The Curve

By CIOReview | Monday, April 25, 2022

The sales process becomes more productive by embracing technology with the effective use of customer intelligence and the right tools.

FREMONT, CA: Businesses all over the world have made a dramatic shift to remote working. In some ways, the pandemic fueled companies' digital transformation as they began to adopt sales tech. Virtual selling has become the norm, and over 91% of businesses with ten or more employees use a CRM.

Sales technology continues to grow on two pillars: sales automation and enablement. While sales automation streamlines a salesperson's day and enhances sales workflows, sales enablement focuses on achieving faster results.

Sales managers struggled to keep track of their personnel and maintain high production. Managers can maintain track of key performance measures using sales tools like CRMs and ERPs. Sales workflows and lead management have also migrated to cloud platforms and mobile apps. This has increased team transparency and allowed for a more effective remote worker model. Sales technology is driving sales management innovation, and the manager's position is shifting to that of a sales coach.

A strong sales enablement strategy is essential, and salespeople must be trained on the product, market trends, business culture, and strategies to give the best possible customer service.

Collaborating with Artificial Intelligence

AI/ML is the next big thing in sales technology. It improves sales automation by humanizing conversations, resulting in more leads and higher close rates.

AI can improve the performance of existing software by utilizing available (and underutilized) data. Predictive forecasting can also make sales decisions easier.

Currently, most reporting technologies use discrete algorithms, which leave certain unforeseeable scenarios unaccounted for and necessitate the intervention of people. Machine learning will soon allow sales tools to make decisions and predictions, decreasing the need for human engagement even further. Although it may appear that AI cannot provide the empathy and compassionate touch that sales need, sophisticated algorithms can detect changes in visual cues.

Evolving Sales Operations.

Sales operations teams must examine previous data, draw industry patterns, and devise a client retention strategy.

It's critical to maintain track of these expected trends to stay ahead of the curve. Then, use sales techniques to help your team prepare for the future.