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How the Deployment of Panic Button Technology Can Help Hotels in America

By CIOReview | Wednesday, November 6, 2019

According to the legislative mandates that are rolled out throughout the United States, hoteliers have to provide their staff with employee safety devices (ESDs). Although establishing improved safety standards across the country is intriguing, but like any extensive reform, it demands a high level of care. 

Fremont, CA: While modern safety platforms have paved their way across properties, React Mobile, a global leader in providing best in class panic button solutions for the hospitality industry, has played a critical role. React Mobile assures hotels of any size and scale are meeting the ordinance deadline on time. In recent times, React Mobile was working alongside one of the largest hotels in America, and this experience provided valuable takeaways, which helped in solidifying the products, and processes that were in place for enterprise-wide panic button integrations and implementations. 

Safety to Scale

Implementation of hardware deployment that involves staff training involves not only the volume of properties and rooms but also the individuals who require training. While dealing with hotels of large scale, the training process should be refined and efficient, coupled with intensity and frequency for ensuring that the staff members are well supported. Deploying new technology has to encounter specific kinks. Nonetheless, the collaboration between self-governing departments and hands-on installment teams create an environment that breeds fast, effective solutions, and SOPs. 

Strength in PartnershipTop Travel and Hospitality Solution Companies

Client partnership is significant, and having a great product is not enough. Therefore, the process and approach to client partnership must be concrete and perfect in equal measures. It is not too much to say that the key to success is the vendors’ ability to scale up or scale down smoothly based on the personalized demands and scale of the clients.

An on-going Process

Regarded as the best in class solution, React Mobile continues to support each property post-installation as well.