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How the Fashion Industry is Becoming Smarter with AI?

By CIOReview | Friday, July 26, 2019

From promoting and selling fashion goods, AI technology is reshaping the apparel industry along with inventory management.

FREMONT, CA: Valued at around $3 trillion, the clothing industry is one of the biggest contributors to the global GDP.   Dominating the global market, the fashion industry has compelled e-commerce giants like Amazon, Walmart, and Target to invest billion on major clothing retailers. However, despite having a strong foundational base, the need for an immediate innovative measure grows every year. However, with digital eruption, the fashion industry is also getting flooded with innovative devices. Recently, one of the major attractions from the technological renaissance is artificial intelligence (AI).

With the integration of AI technology, the foundational functionalities of the fashion industry are up for a major transformation. Experts believe that, from designing to manufacturing to logistics, the potential of AI technology can redesign and reshape the conventional methods.

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Ways AI is revolutionizing the fashion industry:       

Helping to Promote and Sell Fashion Goods

The fashion industry is not only about generating demand and understanding the brand but also about streamlining products with transforming desires. In the era where brands of clothing and garment are continually searching for new means of getting their products distributed to the consumers, the introduction of AI technology will elevate the business consciousness.

Presently, fashion brands are increasingly harnessing AI and machine learning to maximize shopping experience for customers, improve marketing system quality through smart automation, and enhance marketing procedures via predictive analytics and directed marketing procedures. Furthermore, with AI technology’s smart image recognition systems, customers and buyers can now find real-life items with their clicked pictures.

In addition, AI-powered shopping applications enable clients to take internet screenshots of items they see, recognize shoppable clothes and accessories in that picture, and then discover the same costume and shop for comparable designs.

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AI-enhanced fashion design and manufacturing

Because of steady modifications in mode and design, distributors need to continuously modify with the latest developments and forecast customer expectations for the upcoming season. Conventionally, distributors base their estimation of revenues of the current year on preceding year information. However, this proved to be inefficient due to the additions of many variables that are difficult to forecast, such as altering patterns, can influence revenues.