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How this RevOps Capability will Enhance B2B SaaS Workflows

By CIOReview | Wednesday, October 30, 2019

By adding new features, an industry-leading subscription management platform is optimizing B2B SaaS workflows to its revenue operation platform.

FREMONT, CA: "Revenue growth for SaaS businesses comes down to two aspects: sustaining existing revenue by retaining the current customer base, and scaling new revenue by capturing and expanding on opportunities. Chargebee's dynamic infrastructure and capabilities, coupled with an expansive array of integrations with essential solutions at each stage of growth allow our customers to focus on growing their revenue without having to worry about outgrowing their current toolset," says Krish Subramanian, CEO and co-founder of Chargebee. A leading subscription management program, Chargebee has extended its Revenue Operation (RevOps) platform with innovative capabilities and augmentations for B2B SaaS workflows.

Chargebee is helping businesses build a strong revenue infrastructure that will bridge the gap between revenue and critical business functions. The company enables businesses to align all the revenue-driving functions with the company's Northstar metric: revenue by integrating with market leaders like Salesforce and Hubspot. This integration will facilitate enterprises to grow revenue by letting them scale across business models, internal processes, and geographic markets. The expanded capabilities allow subscription businesses of all sizes to scale across the scaling processes, switching business models and spreading across markets.Top Workflow Solution Companies

The new abilities enable Chargebee to optimize companies' interdepartmental workflow, facilitating frictionless processes with platform integrations. Chargebee lets businesses drive the upmarket pivot to a high-touch sales process, making the modification to any business model servicing efficiently with a combination of quote-to-cash, complicated sales, or product-led workflows. Chargebee supports its global compliance and financing abilities for international regulations and legislation.

Chargebee is a PCI Level 1 certified recurring billing platform for subscription-based eCommerce and SaaS businesses. The company integrates with the pioneering payment gateways around the globe to let its customers automate recurring payment collection. Chargebee, simultaneously with email notifications, invoicing, accounting, taxes, SaaS Metrics, and customer administration, automates the recurring payment collection. Chargebee manages all the crucial workflows from lead to the ledger with power-packed integrations, uniting each subscription revenue services, from checkout to accounting.

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