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How to Develop a Modern Workforce with Emerging Technologies?

By CIOReview | Wednesday, February 27, 2019

This year companies will be more focused on ensuring and building a strong foundation for enterprise modernization. Businesses will be expected to step beyond the planning stage and move onto implementing specific tactics using particular technologies. Implementing an effective digitalization strategy is a mandatory step in this process.

If one plans on making digital transformation a reality for their organization, one has to start by transforming their workforce as creating a modern workforce and managing personnel requires new technologies. Consider the technologies mentioned below.

1. Mobility in the workplace: Providing personnel with mobility is vital for organizations who want to attract today’s modern employee. Studies have shown that employee spends more hours of their week in accessing a company’s information on their devices which forces companies to go beyond in offering their employees options that enable them to work more efficiently and in a way that goes well with their lifestyles. Moreover, in this era wherein the demand for skilled workers is escalating, mobility will help in recruiting and retaining workers.

2. Cloud Technology: Cloud computing is a must asset if one plans to implement a workforce digitization strategy. With a greater need for analytics involving an enormous amount of data from numerous sources, only cloud computing offers a practical, affordable way to store this massive data. What’s more? Cloud integration helps in eliminating the risk of an outdated system.

3. Business Intelligence (BI): Enterprises that adopt BI and analytics capabilities will be able to best determine a workforce strategy by analyzing the mass volumes of data. The process can become even more advanced by incorporating AI and ML as the technology can help in predictive analytics which can assist organizations in forecasting staff requirements according to geographical reasons. In the retail industry, this sort of forecast is essential to schedule the right people while considering seasonal hiring.

4. Social Media Platforms: Social media has a crucial role to play in catering to the needs of today’s employee and of course an efficient workforce. But employees must mark a difference between when these platforms are essential and when these are merely a distraction; the intention of these platforms should solely fulfill the business purpose.

Digitizing the workforce management platform can revamp the organizations and can provide a solid base for future digital initiatives which will affect the entire organization. The initial step towards a transformed future will start from focusing on the employees and their convenience as it will help in enacting change and support the processing system.  

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