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How to drive innovation with the right security match?

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 29, 2018

A recent research report from Corero Network Security states that US-based companies were attacked by an average of 237 DDoS attacks per month during the third quarter of 2017. This was a 91 percent rise as compared to the first quarter. For companies, these cyber attacks cause downtime that causes financial loss and also creates restrictions to some of the public services. However, the rising cyber attacks can be mitigated by taking some precautionary measures. For example, sophisticated real-time software can leverage big data analytics to detect and deter IP addresses making repetitive suspicious requests. In this case, intelligent computers can learn to detect and abate future threats by garnering insightful data from DDoS attack’s botnet.

When compared to the legacy approach of countering DDoS attacks, blocking the suspected IP addresses enables a majority of personnel to work without experiencing any hindrances. Machine learning and big data form the essential backbone of this approach as they allow computers to analyze, categorize, and detect abnormal patterns of different IP addresses.

Moreover, it is also significant that the alarming threat of cyber attacks shouldn’t stop organizations from implementing data-driven, cloud-based technology. But in the process, organizations should make sure that they are allocating the apt resources to security. This becomes vital in the public sector to continually drive innovation while also remaining flexible, dynamic, and secure.