How to Efficiently Monitor a Virtual Environment
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How to Efficiently Monitor a Virtual Environment

By CIOReview | Wednesday, December 14, 2016

While the world is driving towards virtualization, the performance monitoring and maintenance market of virtual systems are also evolving. The more users are able to observe, control, and manage; the better the performance results are. VMware monitoring is not as simple as normal hardware monitoring techniques as these systems does not have a hardware component and a predefined measurement benchmark. Even though several sophisticated solutions are available that can assist in monitoring of VMware, the results accuracy are uneven as everything in these infrastructures are ‘virtual’.

Selecting the Right Solution

Implementing the right solution is the key to best performance monitoring in the virtual environment. The first part of choosing a monitoring tool is to analyze the organization’s virtual machines, servers and the complete virtual infrastructure. Select a tool that can provide 24/7 real-time monitoring and alerting with alarms. These solutions can alert administrators about backup and VM performance issues, reducing the downtime. The tools that offer resource optimization can improve performance of the organizational VMs. It is best to implement a tool with capacity planning and forecasting feature as these solutions can forecast resource usage in the future, assisting administrators plan ahead.

Monitoring the Virtual Environment

In an organization today, there will be numerous virtual machines, which need monitoring and management. Individual management and control can become cumbersome and unintuitive. Thankfully, the modern IT industries have developed several techniques and solutions that can efficiently manage large VMware environments. 

VMware also offers several tools to help administrators monitor virtual environment and to locate the source of potential issues. The modern VMware monitoring tools comes with real time dashboards offering drill down views in one click and preset alarm services that can be set based on the best practices in the organization. These advanced dashboards can assist users to isolate the root cause and quickly resolve problems. Most of these solutions are designed with knowledge bases which make them analyze events resulting in more accurate triggering.

The modern VMware monitoring tools allows users to get a detailed report of what is happening inside a virtual environment. These tools not only assist administrators in analyzing the current load and ability to handle peak loads but also keep track of resource allocation and consumption by the virtual environment. Take a look at some of the VMware monitoring tools in the market.

1. True Visibility Suite

The Blue Medora’s True Visibility Suite is a tier-based approach for managing virtual infrastructure and applications from a single control point- the vRealize Operations Manager. The True Visibility Suite provides a simple approach to monitoring organizational VMware, infrastructure, and application stacks.

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2. Solar Winds VMware Performance Monitoring Tools

The Solar Winds VMware performance monitoring tools include VMware optimization and VMware management consoles. While the VMware optimization console assists in optimizing VMware environments by managing memory and resources, the VMware management console helps avoid virtualization bottlenecks and alerts on the statuses of VMs. The software platform also helps administrators handle storage I/O problems that could impact the end users.


Paessler claims to offer a complete professional all-in-one VMware monitoring tool- the PRTG. According to the developers, the PRTG VMware monitoring tool can be installed within minutes and is compatible with most mobile devices, offering monitoring services from anywhere.

4. ManageEngine VM Health Monitor tool

The manage engine VM health monitor helps easy and quick monitoring of important system attributes of a virtual environment. The tool offers real time VM server performance monitoring, up to two host servers. The tool also allows administrators to define a critical and warning threshold limit. The tool can measure CPU, memory and network utilization, and disk read and write in both server as well as virtual machines.

5. Veeam ONE

The VeeamONE is a monitoring, reporting, and capacity planning tool for VMware, vSphere and other virtual infrastructures like Microsoft Hyper-V virtual environment. The tool provides complete visibility of the IT environment and detects issues in the virtual machines.

Even though there are numerous products available today to manage virtual environments, choose wisely and use the right product depending on the organizations’ requirements.

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