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How to Enhance Technical Support Experience from Service Providers

By CIOReview | Thursday, October 20, 2016

Technical support is important for all business establishments because uneven and incomplete support can put whole company operations on a hold. Let’s assume, software is not working properly and vendor is not available to provide necessary support or the assistance they provided is not resolving the problem. In this case, all operations implied to the particular software will be affected and if it is on the main server then company operations will be badly affected and in the case of SMBs, it might be disastrous. However, excellent technical support can lead company business to peak and bad can even break it. Therefore, each company expects the problem will have to be resolved at a breakneck pace so business operations will remain streamline irrespective of the issues.

The meaning of better technical support is not bound only to get fast results, but it is necessary that the solutions vendor is providing are correct and fully resolves the issue that too in the mean time. Technical support is different from other customer service functions of the company because the vendor doesn’t want technobabble thrown at him or to be treated condescendingly because the vendor answers to what user asks. As a company representative, the sole purpose for calling to technical support executive is to resolve issues faster and completely. Therefore, a representative will have to be precise about the issue and what information they need from the person from the front. As a customer, the company can assist tech support team in reaching to suitable solution.

As a first step, the company will have to fully understand the technical support norms of the vendor before buying their product. Some companies support same day problem resolving policy while some take a few days for customer support services. Buying a product without going through their customer support policies will sometimes leave the company in the middle. Therefore, the CIO will have to fully understand the service contract of the vendor before signing them and buying a product.

In the case of any problem, the company representative will have to fully analyze the root cause of the issue because the vendor will be unable to provide a perfect solution without understanding the issue. Hiding or misrepresenting any information from tech support team will harm the company. If any software is not working, then the representative will have to analyze, what are the errors it displayed, the discrepancy in the desired results, how often it is causing problems, what measures company already used, etc. The more detailed information company will provide to the tech support team, more speedily they will provide expected solutions.

After fully understanding the issue, the next thing is to decide which technical support team will have to call because if the problem is related to the software then calling hardware support team will not help. It is necessary to contact the correct support team to receive the right assistance. After reaching the right representative, the next step is to fully explain the issues along with the complete details of the issue. Provide them a compatibility matrix of whole company systems to analyze the issues. The company can also send screenshots of the errors because it will help tech support team in visualizing the issues and providing cemented solutions. Deal with a support team in a professional and firm manner because losing temper will not help in getting the quick solution. The support team sitting there is intended to provide better and fast support, so the company will also have to calmly help them in reaching a solution.

There is a possibility that tech support will not be able to resolve the issue, however, the probability is very rare. In this case, the company will have to contact superiors in the vendor firm, mail to board member and notify about the concerns. No company is willing to lose customers, so sometimes they can cross the line in assisting the customer, like replacing the product or sending an engineer on-site to check with the issues. All depends on upon the problems company is facing and how the vendor wants to pursue customer. If the vendor is not able to provide full-proof support then company switch to another vendor having the capability of resolving all as such issues. A company will have to check the customer reviews about the after sales support vendor is providing, before buying any product from them.