How to Implement Workflow Automation in Sales Pipeline
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How to Implement Workflow Automation in Sales Pipeline

CIOReview | Friday, May 14, 2021

Workflow automation plays a pivotal role in helping firms create a more scalable sales process.

FREMONT, CA: Sales reps always want healthy pipelines that are full of deals. That being said, trying to do too much without the apt mix of employee and technology can cause deals to go to waste. To help sales reps boost productivity in today’s selling environment, several companies are taking a fresh look at workflow automation. When used properly, workflow automation aids reps get more done with less effort and close more deals. Here are some best practices for using workflow automation to streamline the sales pipeline.

Shore Up Pipeline

Workflow automation is the use of technology to reduce or eliminate the manual aspects of a business operation. It is not a solution to fix all of the sales problems. When utilized in tandem with a poorly constructed sales pipeline, workflow automation may make a bad situation even worse. The firm’s sales reps reliably move opportunities from stage to stage, but deals get stuck in price quotes. Seeking to boost deal velocity, the sales manager designs a complex workflow that involves many tasks so that reps perform their necessary follow-up activities.

Knowing Pipeline Bottlenecks

Although creating workflows in the CRM should be relatively seamless, doing so consumes scarce resources. With sales teams leaner than ever, firms don’t have unlimited time available for configuring infinite automations. Firms must be selective and only build automated workflows that will offer tangible value to the business. Creating a shared document to collect the sales pipeline bottlenecks can help. Sharing the list with everyone involved in the sales pipeline and crowdsource ideas is also essential.

Analyzing Biggest Painpoints

Firms want to identify the one thing that will have the biggest effect on their sales pipeline and easy to implement. There are numerous ways to do this. Firms should not be tempted to automate too many things at once, particularly if this is your first attempt at automation. There are enough decisions to make in developing single workflow automation. Distributing the focus will only lessen the ability to think strategically and clearly.