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How to Improve Sales Productivity?

By CIOReview | Friday, August 2, 2019

Sales representative already have a tough job. The strategic tools will just help them to be more effective and work efficiently to hit the goals of their organization.

FREMONT, CA: A major role in sales is known for being arduous as because representatives have to work for long hours and meet demanding quotas. Other than that, they also have to client loyalty and ensure their return for repeat business. A good sales representative remains dedicated to pursuing the company’s goals, but there are high chances of employee burnout. Sales strategies can always give a boost to sales productivity.

Strategies are essential to boost sales productivity because of high competition among the competitors in the market. However, sales representative are naturally competitive, but the sales operations have to find the right tools and process so that the sales reps can hit the target.

Here are some of the strategies that will give a boost to productivity and increase a company’s revenue.

 Clean and Actionable Sales Performance Management (SPM) Data

To use SPM data, it has to b organized, centralized, and clean; otherwise, it is nothing more than just names and numbers. The SPM data can provide the company with insights about all the important, but often indefinable customer journey.

No-Code Apps

For a salesperson to close deals quickly, they will need fast and actionable data. Therefore, a salesperson has to analyze actionable insights so that they can make a more informed and impactful decision. The representatives will also focus on the right opportunities using no-code data management tools.

Mobile Alerts and Accessibility

Mobile apps can ensure the representatives get instant access to important information about their clients and prospects. Additionally, mobile productivity calculators also allow the sales representative to evaluate their performance against their co-workers.


Gamification is used for administrative tasks for filling out the forms and updating sales data. Moreover, gamification helps to keep the competitive nature between the representatives as they can see how they are performing against their colleagues with things like leader boards.

The sales representative works hard so that they can earn their incentive. Therefore the rep must be equipped with proper tools and strategies that will help them to hit their targets quickly and efficiently. 

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