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How to Optimize Search to get The Best of Enterprise Knowledge

By CIOReview | Friday, March 1, 2019

Knowledge and data are the core assets of every enterprise, every business today is armed with knowledge assets which can be useful for the entire organization. Many businesses have not built any systems where this vast repository of information can be accessed easily because companies which have built it face a problem of plenty. Too much information on hand can be overwhelming and may cause difficulty to find the required information.

This inability to discover the required information on time may cost organizations in terms of losing profits, extra time taken to search and finally rebuild information

Recent advancement of technology has delivered solutions for not only the optimal discovery of required data but also to discovering patterns, recommendations, and graphs of their relationships with the latest machine learning(ML) technologies.

Industry authorities have implemented in premium search, discovery and findability solutions at their organization with the intention of easy access of information to their employees which will positively result in improved sales, enhanced productivity and take better business decisions.

This is not just about searching traditional documents but also about data from databases and also relationships in semantic graphs. Steps to build a better search

Gather all the Information

Gather all the enterprise’s information starting from traditional documents, internal web sites, and data about products and customers. Engineers must have profound information regarding users’ domain, roles, and tasks, and what kind of information do they usually need.

Processing the searches

Search techniques such as stemming, synonyms, broader or narrower terms should be used to ensure users find all the right information. Engineers must understand what users want with spell-check, auto-complete, and search suggestions.

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Process the data

Annotation of data is necessary to find the right data. Adding metadata to the data sets like published date, author, key terms, provenance information, people, places, company names and marking the data to be more or less authoritative will ensure data to be found quickly.

Optimizing the results

Making sure each result as information-rich as possible by adding a link, a snippet, and metadata will enrich the data and also ensure easy discovery of data.

Log of search history

Posting an individual’s common searches on his dashboard will help the user access the links whenever necessary.

Track everything

It is necessary to track all searches, and also tracking the results of those searches for understanding whether the search is succeeding. Information will continue to grow in every enterprise. To ensure optimal performance of the search, data should be collected and addressed and the app must be tweaked at intervals.

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