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How to Optimize Your Facebook Ad Creative for User Acquisition

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 21, 2019

With the constant growth of the demand for personalization, the whole game of marketing has confronted with several significant changes, and as a sequel to it, the previous way of putting an advertisement on the television has become obsolete. Today, the numbers of people using social media platforms have been enhanced by leaps and bounds due to the easy availability and low price of smartphones. So, today to remain active in the game of marketing, marketers have to take resort to proper ways including intriguing and terse content and proper alert.

Statista has predicted that this year, 2.77 billion people will be on social media platforms across the globe, and Facebook will become the first choice for the users. Therefore, the company has acquired a top place in the list of the marketers, as besides, providing a better platform to reach a considerable section of the audience, it also enables marketers to have the right opinion of the potential customers. Event marketing has gained tremendous traction on the Facebook platform, as it is cost-effective, easy to create, and easy to control.

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To achieve desired result and creativity on the Facebook platform, marketers need to find out the proper way to render this job, as on this platform they usually get several different options to promote their product including images, collections, and carousel. While conducting an ad campaign through images, marketers have to keep a keen eye on the pixel density and quality, and the carousel is formed by different cards to allow the marketer to present several products in a single post.

A video is another valuable weapon to reach a large number of users, but while leveraging the video platform marketers have to remain attentive toward the quality and content of the video. An intriguing but terse video not only attracts more audience but also instigates them to share more, and for each share, there will be an exponential growth in reach.

Undoubtedly, offering the chance to meet the vast and diverse audience, Facebook has started to play a pivotal role in the arena of marketing, but to get the best benefits out of this platform, marketers need to know and target their potential audience properly.

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