How to Safeguard Your Credit Card?
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How to Safeguard Your Credit Card?

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 14, 2021

FREMONT, CA: Credit cards make life easy and comfortable but if they are not used in the safe environment it will become dangerous. Safeguarding your credit cards often comes down to common sense, but it is the most essential thing to do. Here are some instances where swiping or entering your digits could be dangerous:

1. When a website address does not have “HTTPS”

If you are trying to make payment on a website and its address does not begin with “HTTPS” it means the site is not secure. If the URL begins with “HTTPS,” it means the site is safe and secure, and you can use your credit card safely.

2. When you’re responding to an email

The better way to provide your credit card to someone is over the phone or via text message than it is to respond in an email. The reason behind this a technique called phishing, it can extract your credit card information for an unauthorized purchase. Before entering into any link, look for phishing clues. If you find anything suspicious, do not make the purchase.

3. When charity fundraisers approach you

Mostly in big cities, charity fundraisers are found walking the streets in an attempt to collect donations. If they only ask your name so that they can contact you later, then it is fine but if they ask for card details just avoid it. The better way to contribute to these causes is through their secure websites.

4. Avoid sharing the details on the phone

If someone asks your credit card details on phone, try to avoid giving your details because you don’t know where it will go once you hang up, or is there anybody listening your conversations. Sometimes you give over the details through delivery food purchases, but try to avoid these instances.

5. While connected to a public Wi-Fi

If you are surfing when your device is connected to public WiFi then avoid inputting any personal details into the website. It can be dangerous if the public internet connection is not secure. Anyone can easily trace the information and password entered there. Also after using delete the Wi-Fi networks from your devices that aren’t yours. 

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