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How to Select the Right Email Archiving Solution?

By CIOReview | Monday, October 17, 2016

As the amount of email grows at an astounding rate, it becomes essential for organizations to manage the flow of email content. Today, most businesses consider email content to be vital, whether it is for communication, compliance, or enterprise knowledge base. Thus, companies need to take measures to store emails for a long time. In this scenario, choosing the right email archiving solution becomes crucial as it allows enterprises to archive their emails and keep all their business communication safe and secure.

Email archiving is an efficient means to manage and protect the email data as it offers sufficient storage space and simple search ability. Most of the vendors offering email archiving solution not only assist in storing but also help in better management of the email content. These solutions help in enabling quick searchable access to archived messages, simplifying search user interface for query construction, and minimizing production email server load. With the growing number of providers and the increasing complexity in the email archiving landscape, businesses need to make sure that email archiving solution they choose must be flexible enough to adapt to current changes as well as in the future. Below discussed are some key aspects to keep in mind before selecting the right email archiving vendor.

Ability and Expertise

Businesses should look for an archiving system that provides archiving capabilities alongside features such as security, consistency, retention policies, and technical ability.

If the industry is bounded by stringent compliance requirements related to archiving, it is strongly recommended to consider a service that is best suited for particular industry vertical. For instance, Misterspex, an e-commerce firm, selected Mailstore archiving solution to address legal safeguard for email compliance and protection against data loss. There are other email archiving solutions focused on specific competence that will help organizations in meeting retention and administration requirements of applicable regulations.

Meets the Requirement

Enterprise must analyze the significance and necessity of archiving based on the requirements. If the company has to access the old information often, then outsourcing email archiving will be the best option as it simplifies the storage and search issue and also provides full proof security.


Email archiving solution offers quick ROI from storage savings and also provides technical, reporting, and administrative functions that aid in reducing the total cost of ownership. Furthermore, the solution also minimizes helpdesk times for message recovery, reduces storage cost, quick search as opposed to days or weeks and decrease backup times.

Select an Email archiving solution that contains following features:

Automated user interface: The enterprise should look for a solution that has automated archiving feature with minimal human intervention in the workflow execution.

Search and Filtering option: In order to retrieve the archived files instantly, emails must be indexed and should support regulatory audits and compliance. Thus, enterprise should select an archive vendor that offers clear search and filtering option.

Organizing email: The archiving solution should make it easy for companies to convey their requirements easily and should facilitate easy management of the files. For instance, needless messages like spam and other informal contents should be automatically eliminated from the storage.

Security: On the security front, the archiving solution must have the potential to secure the content from being tampered. Other features like reporting authenticity, content regulation as per law, and access restriction trait must be included in solution.

Accessibility and support: The archiving system must provide flexibility to the end-user to retrieve information from a shared repository anytime during the process. The centralized repository helps authorized users retrieve data without consulting IT admin. In addition, email archiving tool should be compatible with all the other email platforms to support various systems.

Think before you leap

Email archiving is an automated process used by many companies to manage their organization’s email by storing and securing important business communication events. Although, firms are lured to follow the top vendor in the email archiving space, it is wise to choose a company that offers innovative services.