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How to Tackle Online Casino Spam

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 14, 2021
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cio review

Many online casinos are finding new subscribers, marking a paradigm shift in how online casino spam affects the gambling industry.

FREMONT, CA: When it comes to online casino spam, one may first think about fantasies of fame and fortune. Who hasn’t imagined the odds at an exotic casino? Online casino spam belongs to the search engine spam family. Here, hackers compromise websites and inject spammy content to hijack the rankings of legit websites. They do this because search engines are to find and ignore sites they deem threatening. So malicious actors look for innocent sites to promote their online casino spam and then funnel away web traffic, directing it to other properties they set up for their purposes. Here is how to tackle online casino spam.

Before signing up at an online casino, open a free email account and name it. When one starts receiving spam – he/she knows who has sold the email address. If that person posts on message boards, do not post the email address. The email address will be harvested – that’s guaranteed. Producing a concise and exact anti-spam policy can also ensure that the affiliates obey its rules. They are vigilant in managing affiliates who spam. Online casino spam not only damages the client’s reputation, it affects the image of this industry as a whole. Online gambling firms should not be lured into the notion of making a rapid and easy buck. Players hate online casino spam. Responsible webmasters despise it, and lawmakers relish it. And with enough complaints, the servers will be shut down.

Email marketing should only be enabled by webmasters who have opt-in mailing lists. In other words, the recipient has confirmed permission for the address to be comprised in the webmaster’s mailing list. “Opt-In”, “Double-opt-in” is spammer speak for email lists of people who have not opted-out. Therefore they are “opt-in.” This is online casino spam.

Reporting the spam to the appropriate affiliate manager is also an essential step. In most instances, affiliate managers will nip this in the bud and either chastise the affiliate’s account. One should not patron online casinos that continue to spam. This is serious stuff, and casinos want to be sent a message that using spam as a marketing technique is unacceptable.