How to Use Gamification to Better Marketing?
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How to Use Gamification to Better Marketing?

By CIOReview | Monday, July 6, 2020

FREMONT, CA: Games are not new, but what makes it trending is it use by marketers to create engaging marketing campaigns. For modern marketers, gamification is a way to stand out and use the emotional high of victory to close the deal on selling a product or service. Here are some gamification marketing tips to help marketers get started.

• Point System Increasing Engagement and Brand Visibility

A point system-based gaming provides a huge engagement spike as people always want to perform well. It incentivizes the target audience to replay the ad and to get an even higher score. This drastically increases brand visibility, and some customers may challenge their peers to beat their score. The most common applications of point systems in marketing are quiz and mini-games.

• Giving Prize to Generate Leads

Organizing a contest is one of the most effective ways to generate leads. Marketers need to contact the winners, and leaving behind contact details is just a natural part of a contest. And because winners were already interacting with the brand’s ad and used to answering questions and clicking on things, it feels a lot less intrusive to players. 

• Creating Levels to Boost Interaction

Customers usually love feeling improvement. Levels with increasing difficulty are very addictive and can get people hooked to keep playing, boosting the time they interact with the brand. Marketers can use levels, for instance, to create games about different brands or products to encourage people to keep playing and discover more of the business.

• Generating User Content

Challenging target audience to give their opinion or upload an image or video can significantly contribute to marketing efforts. People really go the extra mile when they can win prizes and rewards. Then gamification is the way to go for marketers. In addition to this, marketers can also stimulate social shares by including a share to retry button in the ad and give players an extra chance to win by sharing the game.

The future of gamification is nearly here with advanced technology. Games can personalize the customer experience and continually increase the challenge involved to keep the audience hooked. So, marketers must always stay attuned to how new technology can be incorporated to keep gamification marketing strategy fresh. 

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