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How Visualization Tools can unleash the True Potential of IoT Data

By CIOReview | Wednesday, October 24, 2018

With a plethora of technological gadgets and appliances being welcomed by a broader section of consumers, IoT has become a household name. However, on the other hand, as people are growing more inclined to embrace this technology, companies are on a quest to aggregate and analyze more consumer data, in order to gain a better understanding of the consumer choices and requirements and eventually enhance business processes and profitability.

IoT and Big Data: The Relationship

As described by big data experts, IoT is a growing ecosystem, which is fueled by data. As IoT ensures high-end connectivity among two or more devices on a daily basis, a continuous flow of big data is being generated—all data imparted by the connected devices are being added to the big data pool.

As more data continues to get added to the data pool, organizations need to analyze them and glean insights from them in order to enhance customer experience and thereby the overall business. In its native form, data is just pieces and bits of information, which need to be processed and analyzed for businesses to make informed decisions from actionable insights.

How IoT Impacts Big Data

The future of devices has arrived; companies are on their journey to level up their procedures, as well as the tools and technologies leveraged in order to cope up with the surge in the data flow. In addition, organizations are also revamping their data centers—all in an attempt to gear up for the IoT revolution.


Although IoT is trending, data scientists still need to dig deeper into the concept. To harness the real potential of data generated from IoT devices, experts require the ability to leverage data visualization and extract information from the huge chunks of data, which would benefit businesses in improving performance. Furthermore, companies are yet to solve the challenge of managing these chunks of data, which involves aggregation, storage, analysis, visualization and most importantly, security.

IoT Data Visualization

The true potential of any data is unleashed when it has a comprehensive presentation, easily understandable for all. With the use of appropriate charts, graphs, and other documented formats, IoT data can be presented in an understandable manner, which would have a massive effect on the business procedures, resulting in an improvement in its productivity and overall growth.