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How VR Helps Enterprises Reduce Employee Training Time

By CIOReview | Friday, January 15, 2021

Employees can learn what it is like to be in real-world environments by employing VR in the training process.

Fremont, CA: Virtual Reality (VR) is being employed in potentially all industries such as construction, healthcare, travel, and much more. Today, several enterprises are using VR for crucial operations like recruitment, training, and employee retention. VR helps offer engaging experiences to new as well as old employees by making work seem like play. This way, employees might find the right motivation that they might have been otherwise lacking.

The most important benefit that VR provides the HR department is the reduction in training time, which in turn helps save costs. Trainers found the incorporation of immersive learning in VR impressive as it was more engaging and impactful compared to normal training methods such as manuals and videos. As VR is an immersive learning experience, the training leaders also learned that employees could retain information and learn faster, which helps save a significant amount of time.

Training modules are very carefully planned and created by experienced instructional designers. Giving more importance to the learners' time can lead to employees to believe that the training has been personalized for them. Immersive learning through VR is essentially as powerful as one-on-one training but can be achieved in a much lesser timeframe.

Another big advantage in VR training is that learners receive feedback almost immediately in case they don't understand a particular concept or get something wrong. This helps in better retention of information and improves the learning process.

Today, VR has proved to be useful to enterprises and HR departments with respect to employee training and has also shown that there is no drop in progress as compared to in-person training.

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