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How Will AI Fit Into The Project Management Picture?

By CIOReview | Friday, July 17, 2020

FREMONT, CA: AI can assist teams in taking the project on the right path and also put them back on the right track on encountering failure. Like many other industries across the globe, the rise of AI will impact project management. On the other hand, project management professionals need not be experts in AI to prepare for the changes that it might bring. Instead, they should focus on clearly understanding their organization’s plan for AI to await changes in their roles and routines.

AI is a complex field having a plethora of nuances, but when used properly, the technology can increase productivity and reduce errors significantly. AI will assist project managers in fulfilling their needs, ranging from supporting desk to chatting with customers and handling tedious and iterative tasks that they generally avoid. AI-chatbots play a vital role in project management. Bots built with technology like Natural Language Processing (NLP) are capable of relating concepts, entitles, ideas, knowledge, and know-how to accurately respond to the needs.

One perfect example would be task management, where a project manager must delegate and monitor all the activities. At the same time, they should organize them on schedules while ensuring that no barriers hinder the completion of tasks. These tasks can be easily automated using chatbots. Employing technology can eliminate errors, especially in a software development project, where project managers can detect a number of defects at any stage, which is a measure of the project quality.

AI can do a comparative analysis by observing the progress of the project as per the planned schedule, and in case of failure, it can offer ways to put the project on track. This will alert the project teams if the path taken will put the project at risk. AI based predictive analytics allows planning projects accurately, thus providing insights for software development. The predictive model also helps in team time management, priority control, and talent coordination tasks that make up the project.

AI can automate simple tasks like sending emails, alerts about project delays, costs, and more. It can save time, enabling the project managers to think about novel approaches and improvements to the project. AI based solutions are capable of reading and analyzing the data generated by teams and recognizing and indicating events that may hamper the workflow. 

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