HP and Arista Partners to Deliver Converged Infrastructure

By CIOReview | Monday, July 20, 2015

FREMONT, CA: HP in its latest business move announces partnership with Arista, a computer networking company. Reflecting on this move, Mark Haranas in an article in Weareversatile.com observes that this will give a tough time to Cisco.   

Arista’s product portfolio includes extensible operating systems, network applications and Ethernet data switches. The company sells to customers ranging from Internet companies and service providers to financial services organizations, government agencies and media and entertainment firms.

The partnership combines Arista’s networking equipment with HP’s 3Par server technology, storage equipment and networking management software- OneView. OneView provides management tools for converged infrastructure and is used by system administrators to provision, control, and manage software-defined data centre components. The new solutions are designed to support private, public and hybrid cloud applications while providing a flexible and open choice across compute and storage.

John Barker, CEO and co-founder of Versatile Communications, a Marlborough based networking solution provider and HP partner observes on the recent industry move, “Clearly this will have an impact on Cisco. Arista, unlike many network alternatives, enjoys a successful conversion rate over Cisco. Even hard-core Cisco customers view Arista as an easier transition path given its roots in both former Cisco executives and engineering.”

The market trends suggest that Arista’s expertise in software-defined networking will be a huge advantage for HP channel partners. “Arista is seen as a leader in software-defined networking, so HP can better compete and use Arista against Cisco’s ACI, Brocade’s SDN and VMware’s NSX product. This will give HP a chance for people who are early adopters into SDN and are existing Arista customers on the network side of things to move towards HP for compute and storage,” comments Bill Smeltzer, Chief Technology Officer, Focus Technology Solutions and HP partner.

However, Cisco has filed two lawsuits against Arista alleging infringement regarding a number of its patents and copyrighted material.