'HP Threat Central Partner Network'- A Group Effort to Combat Cyber Threats
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'HP Threat Central Partner Network'- A Group Effort to Combat Cyber Threats

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 27, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Cyber criminals have become increasingly sophisticated; they hatch plans, share resources and techniques to mount advanced attacks. To beat hackers at their own game, enterprises need a method for sharing targeted intelligence confidentially and in real time to create a unified industry defense.

Aiming at extending enterprise security, HP has recently unveiled HP Threat Central Partner Network, a collaboration of security vendors who give importance to threat intelligence sharing across the industry for combating cyber threats.

‘HP Threat Central Partner Network’ developed by HP Labs is a collaborative security intelligence platform that enables community members to share threat data and scrutinize them by providing real time intelligence on the adversaries, attack vectors and methods.

“Crowd-sourced threat intelligence from our vast community of customers, partners and researchers is essential in this battle against cybercrime; we need to stop chasing silver bullet technologies and start sharing actionable intelligence through our solutions, expertise and best practices if we are going to compete and win,” says Art Gilliland, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise Security Products, HP.

How this solution executes its function of threat intelligence sharing is quite interesting. When an organization detects malware in their environment, very soon it will be noted in their Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform. That information would then be shared through HP Threat Central with other trusted organizations that could then deploy IPS filters to look for similar behavior in their environment.

As part of the HP Threat Central Partner Network, HP currently works with ArborNetworks, Blue Coat Systems, InQuest, ThreatGRID, TrendMicro and WapackLabs.

In addition to intelligence shared by partners, HP Security Research and HP Enterprise Security Services contribute intelligence to the HP Threat Central platform. The platform also features tight integration with existing security services like HP ArcSight and HP TippingPoint solutions.