HP to Build Extensive Enterprise Technology with Tsinghua

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 26, 2015

FREMONT,CA: HP is stepping into China’s Enterprise Technology market through collaboration with Tsinghua Holdings, a branch of Tsinghua entitled H3C, reports Jeffrey Burt for eWEEK.

Tsinghua Holdings deals with IT business, applied information systems, Internet and its application, IC Chip design and manufacturing process. The prolonged presupposition is that Tsinghua group will be buying 51 percent stake in the new company H3C for $2.3 Bn. H3C in China will establish with combination of HP’s China based server storage technology and H3C technology.

H3C technology is well known for their IT Infrastructure products which have advanced R&D facilities. The company which is well known for its cloud computing and virtualization has launched H3C Unified Infrastructure System last year, which consists high end hardware integrating server, storage, network switches and other components.

The accord between HP and Tsinghua is speculated to come to a conclusion by the end of this year. This will promote one more subsidiary of Tsinghua, Unisplendour as H3C will become its cooperating venture in networking and data center.

The diverse version of Information Technology has generated urge for the U.S. companies to develop impeccable patent portfolio, research and development products and consumer focused strategies. According to Meg Whiteman, CEO, HP ‘Tsinghua’s world class research capability will suffice the need and he believes that this move will stimulate the company’s performance and best service they are looking to provide.

HP also planned to segregate itself into two firms, one as Hewlett and Packard Enterprise that will concentrate on merchandization of cloud server, storage, networking and IT products while HP will be trading computers and printers.