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HR's Contribution to the Architecture of an Enterprise Culture

By CIOReview | Friday, March 1, 2019

Human resource team plays a significant role in ensuring that a company’s culture is robust. They also play a large and disruptive role in fast forwarding the philosophical shifts, thereby bringing sophisticated people analytics together, great social connection, and always on self-servicing. It is clear that the workers expect much more out of their job.

There are steps which can be taken to deliver a successful HR strategy. Aligning business with HR needs. HR is that part of any enterprise that receives the most criticism. The function is constantly accused of failure to fully understand the strategy, goals, and business for achieving these goals, and the business model and how it provides to its customers. Developing your HR strategy, better understanding and deeper knowledge of the business goals and business model will identify potential threats and opportunities in the quality and quantity of HR required by the organization. Thus, enterprises need to identify the key features of an HR strategy and the circle of supplying the necessities for the enterprise to succeed. Organizational performance is the method by which business agendas and goals are managed and cascaded across and down an enterprise. By providing a rationale and a link for all other HR activity and the most significant chance to directly impact business success, enhancing the contribution and reputation from HRs. HR needs to create and install a robust performance management process that sets out performance objectives for all levels of staff within an enterprise. Organizational design and structure is the size, shape, and structure of the enterprise required to meet customer needs. It reflects the organizations' processes that drive the business model and determines organizational flexibility and agility. Choices that affect the size, cost, and shape of the organization will be aligned with the business strategy. Strategic resourcing achieves clarity throughout the enterprise's structure is critical for resourcing strategies to work well. Another important component determining the effectiveness of any resourcing strategy is the need to create a recruitment band. Organization development, if strategic resourcing is about supplying a pipeline for bringing external talent, then the HR's way of improving the current workforce is executed using enterprises development strategies.

The role of HR in building a robust company's culture will continue to expand and grow to be an essential part of an enterprise. Alongside cloud and other computing technologies, there is a better chance to rethink and improve the said processes and focus on fully engaging the workforce.