Huawei's OceanProtect Data Protection Solution to Help Companies Avoid Breaches
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Huawei's OceanProtect Data Protection Solution to Help Companies Avoid Breaches

By CIOReview | Monday, October 18, 2021

OceanProtect Data Protection Solution enables organizations to successfully protect their data by utilizing high-speed backup and recovery bandwidths while optimizing backup space.

FREMONT, CA: Data security functions are performed to avoid data breaches, mitigate the risk of data exposure, and ensure regulatory compliance. Data security's duty inside any business is to assure the continued safe and secure usage of private data while limiting exposure risk. Huawei has come up with the OceanProtect Data Protection Solution at Huawei Connect 2021, spanning both Disaster Recovery (DR) and backup fields to provide comprehensive protection for various data types throughout its lifecycle. It is part of Huawei’s All-Flash Data Center Solution, which enables the creation of fast, green, dependable, and intelligent infrastructure for various sectors. The solution is based on the notion of “complete disaster recovery of hot data and rapid backup and restoration of warm data,” which provides zero service interruption, no data loss, and long-term data retention.

The solution is initially developed to provide complete disaster recovery (DR) of hot data. This implies that it includes disaster recovery for SAN and NAS and enables worry-free device upgrades to maximize investment return (ROI). Additionally, the solution can adapt to Huawei's active-active disaster recovery design to minimize clients' initial investment and satisfy their developing disaster recovery requirements. Additionally, this design enables a seamless transition from a single system to an active-active or active-passive dual-system deployment and subsequently a three-data-center (3DC) or even a multi-DC four-copy solution. This enables online equipment upgrades as and when required. Customers can easily enhance their disaster recovery (DR) protection level to ensure more effective protection of production data."

Huawei OceanProtect Data Protection enhances the total level of data protection throughout its life. It enables organizations to effectively protect their data by utilizing rapid backup and recovery bandwidths while optimizing backup space. Huawei is committed to developing more powerful technologies, products, and solutions that prioritize and safeguard data in various circumstances in an intelligent world.