Human Unitec International To Delivers Web3, Metaverse, And Blockchain-Based Real Estate Investment Opportunities
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Human Unitec International To Delivers Web3, Metaverse, And Blockchain-Based Real Estate Investment Opportunities

By CIOReview | Monday, August 1, 2022

Sardinia, an enchanting island in the Mediterranean, is ripe with opportunities for major corporations. Human Unitec International introduces Web3, Metaverse, and Blockchain real estate investment opportunities via tokenizing luxury properties, services, and amenities.

FREMONT, CA: “This is the future of real estate investments and luxury travel, and the future is here. We are thrilled to be tokenizing RE investment opportunities around the world and will focus our efforts on a parallel track for entrance into the Metaverse,” states HMNU CEO Kurt Gaensel. Human Unitec International will come up with its BCPE (BlockChain Property Enterprises), tokenization of global real estate opportunities worldwide, starting with its flagship offerings on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Sardinia, Italy, and North American Lake Champlain, New York.

“Digital real estate is becoming as important as the physical. 3D models of the building, amenities and services would be a necessity to attract investors and provide immersive, engaging, and gamified opportunities within the space to cultivate exponential value of their involvement and ownership in any given project,” adds Kurt.

The White Paper for BCPE is currently being drafted and will describe how BCPE works for investors. The Company will link, attach, and tokenize real estate properties and services, and each property and its associated services/amenities will have a variable number of tokens attached. Customers can invest, rent, or purchase TOKENS, which will allow them to secure ownership in real estate. And the ability to connect rights to exclusive rates, services, amenities, and perks through the implementation of Web3, thereby generating a continuous revenue stream for HMNU and its network of Real Estate properties and associated amenities.

Revenue streams and royalties would be derived from several decentralized Web3-based transactions regarding ownership of property, rent, perks, amenities, services, and customizations without a bank or middleman, resulting in improved control and transfer of funds may also include tax advantages for investors and token holders.

“Our investors will be able to visit the models virtually, and will allow them to feel as if they are at the estate, with the ability to explore and customize experiences in a fully immersive environment. BCPE token holders will have special benefits and utilities including digital, skins, augmented designs, virtual ownership and endless opportunities to showcase their involvement in a beautiful place within the digital and physical worlds seamlessly. A few of the most amazing things that will revolutionize luxury travel and real estate investment are fractionalized ownership opportunities, in otherwise unattainable investments for some, and revolutionizing real estate ownership as a liquid asset,” concludes  Kurt.

The tokenization of real estate investments has numerous advantages, including enhanced fluidity, transparency, transaction volume, and safety. These advantages represent a break from the conventional manner in which the worldwide luxury real estate and travel industries have handled matters. With benefits such as—commerce platforms, and online markets, no intermediaries are needed, real estate becomes a Liquid Asset, blockchain makes fractional ownership possible, maximum blockchain technology security, computerized transactions, and real estate smart contracts.