hybris Software Unveils New Marketing Solution to Drive Customer Satisfaction
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hybris Software Unveils New Marketing Solution to Drive Customer Satisfaction

By CIOReview | Thursday, February 26, 2015

FREMONT, CA: hybris software, a SAP company has launched a new marketing solution to help companies unleash the power of truly contextual marketing. Its real-time context-based data about individual customers and anonymous visitors enables it to deliver contextual, consistent and relevant experiences throughout a customer journey, regardless of the marketing channel or device.

The solution will help marketers in developing their present marketing programs thereby improving their standards in marketing. Besides this, the marketers can conduct campaigns to individual customers separately and on websites through e-mail, digital display advertising, trigger a sales or service call, or push messaging to mobile applications and devices.

The platform basically has 7 Dynamic customer profile engines that include: Segmentation, predictive analytics, and contextual analysis engines; Marketing planning, budgeting, and orchestration; Recommendations and on-site targeting; Real-time, behavior-based remarketing; Marketing performance management; and the ability to work with an open ecosystem of marketing solution providers through open APIs.

Developed on an open platform with an open partner ecosystem, the SAP hybris marketing solution offers a seamless customer journey, where all steps – from billing to customer service, to buying and then collecting – work flawlessly depending on the needs of the customers.

“With every search, browse, e-mail open, or site visit, individual customers are telling us about what they want or need, their desires and intents in that very moment. That’s why we believe that the SAP hybris Marketing solution has the power to transform mass communications into real one-to-one messages that connect directly with customers’ needs with not just the right message, but also at the right time through the right marketing channel,” comments Brian Walker, Chief Strategy Officer, hybris and SAP CEC.