Hydrogen Powered Prototype to Confine Power Consumption

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 6, 2016

LAS VEGAS, LV: Intelligent Energy, the energy technology company unveils electronic prototypes embedded with hydrogen fuel cell. The cell enhances the life cycle of devices by providing solutions to battery challenges.

Intelligent Energy develops fuel cell and hydrogen generation technologies. The company provides integration services and system designs, while also serving in market places like aerospace and defense, distributed generation and portable power, oil and gas and motive power industries.

“Our award winning technology can be scaled up or down for a vast range of commercial applications either to independently power the device or complement the existing battery. The additional fuel cell provides a dual power source to extend device life by up to an entire week,” said Julian Hughes, Managing Director, Intelligent Energy.

The company’s prototype models are presently on display at various CES 2016 events; an initiative by Intelligent Energy itself. The event emphasizes on the major transition from traditional way of technology to hydrogen fuel cell technology. The consumers of energy become the producers of energy by embedding the technology in a phone, tablet or a laptop. Further it gives consumers the freedom to have instant access of energy on their electronic devices based on their requirements. The technology is easily compatible with any hardware devices and it also works side by side with the existing battery technology.

 Hughes further adds “the existing grid infrastructure was not designed to keep up with today’s power requirements and alternatives need to be developed, which is where we come in. What we are aiming for is to mobilize energy production for consumer electronics and unleash the potential to realize a true global wireless economy”.