Hyperglance Bolsters IT relationships by Interactive 3D Visible Platform

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 8, 2016

FREMONT, CA:  Hyperglance is now able to deliver the Amazon Web Services (AWS) and OpenStack cloud infrastructure together on one platform i.e. Hyperglance 4.0 that also includes Nagios alerts. Hyperglance 4.0 runs on modern browsers such as iOS, Android, Linux and offers cross platform with multiple topologies that streamlines the mapping, monitoring, and managing of resources across domains, cloud systems, accounts, virtual private clouds (VPCs) and regions.

The company is recognized as a software company that specializes in IT relationship modeling with easy to use, dynamic, and gaming style graphics which enable organizations to gain greater business context insight, and control over complete IT estates end-to-end. It delivers modern visualization solutions to all sized of enterprises that lead them to view a comprehensive, interactive and 3D topology of their IT relationships.

"Hyperglance 4.0 brings clarity to the chaos by bringing disparate cloud infrastructure together into a unique visibility layer driven by an interactive 3D topology map that includes relevant data insight and the option to take immediate resource actions where needed. IT management and cloud tenants alike can now intuitively monitor, explore, and securely troubleshoot relevant cloud resources with valuable context through a consistent topology view,"  says Stace Hipperson, CEO and Founder, Hyperglance Ltd.

It is now possible to offer rapid troubleshooting and optimization activities with greater context via secure resource controls from topology view. Consistent topology view allows collaboration across infrastructure domains or IT groups. It presents multi-cloud topology insight in a single browser tab view. The effective features of Hyperglance 4.0 includes automatic 2D vs. 3D topology scaling  based on topology, and also provides real-time VM ‘State’ status indicator. It has automatic data aggregation functionality that is also capable of exploring detailed attribute and metric data, including security groups, route table details and CPU information with a simple click of mouse.

Users can search all integrated platforms with unified results and also take immediate actions, such as start, stop, or terminate. The product allows organizations to navigate through an accurate topology of all cloud resources' type, state, links, end-points, and alerts.