HyperOffice Launches New WorkMap AI Features
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HyperOffice Launches New WorkMap AI Features

By CIOReview | Monday, September 13, 2021

HyperOffice has introduced new WorkMap.ai features, including an unparalleled fusion of artificial intelligence and workflow automation.

FREMONT, CA: HyperOffice unveils a range of new WorkMap.ai features, including an unparalleled fusion of artificial intelligence and workflow automation.

"As a provider of no-code automation with WorkMap, we come across riveting use-cases - an international NGO looking to track COVID vaccinations in Africa; a university looking to allocate scholarships to students; or a public health provider looking to deploy mobile health services to remote locations. However, even though these platforms mainly handle data, the playground of A.I. - no-code platforms still require constant manual intervention - allocating vaccinations to patients, assigning scholarships to students etc," said Farzin Arsanjani, President at HyperOffice. "The new features in WorkMap solve exactly that - by letting intelligent algorithms do the hard work, while organizations free up their resources for things that matter," he added.

WorkMap.ai, a powerful no-code workflow automation and data management platform with applications in healthcare, education, government, non-profits, and other industries, now has the following features.

The Automation Intelligence engine- Identifies patterns and builds connections between data sets to initiate actions, such as giving vaccinations to patients, matching students with scholarships, or providing any other resources according to need.

Resource scheduling- Scheduling people, places, and equipment as part of a complex workflow - for example, booking a doctor's appointment, which starts a new patient workflow that includes collecting patient intake forms, assigning equipment, and nursing staff, and notifying the billing department, and many more. 

Rule-based SMS notifications- It is an intelligent SMS alert that notifies stakeholders at various stages of a workflow - for example, vaccination alerts for the second dose to patients with information about the time and location of the vaccine.

Email workflows- Enable stakeholders to participate in workflows through email.

"It's been a great, great experience. From the first conversation the HyperOffice team were so eager and enthusiastic to try to help in this time of global need, COVID - it was really refreshing," said Taylor Martin, Director, Workforce Optimization & Engagement at Michael Garron Hospital. "I think WorkMap.ai is a great platform that has so many applications for hospitals and for just about any organization looking to do more with what they have. The ability of the platform to do much of the work for us transforms our workflows and business processes. We now get to spend our time on critical decision making instead of transactional data entry and manual work," Taylor concluded.