HyperSolar Breakthrough Technology Makes Renewable Hydrogen Fuel
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HyperSolar Breakthrough Technology Makes Renewable Hydrogen Fuel

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 8, 2015

SANTA BARBARA, CA :HyperSolar marked its presence in the world of science by developing a breakthrough technology to make renewable hydrogen fuel using sunlight by reaching 1.4 volts mark. This achievement will support for further research process to separate hydrogen molecules from water through artificial photosynthesis through solar power. The research results were recorded at University of Lowa and are aiming to reach 1.5 V, the practical voltage needed to effectively split water in commercial systems.

“We are extremely pleased to record voltage samples at such a high level that clearly demonstrate the progress we have achieved in our pursuit of renewable hydrogen fuel,” says Tim Young, CEO of HyperSolar. In addition, the research team has embarked a new low cost process which replaces the traditional and expensive vapor deposition process required to make solar cell components. In reflection of this achievement, the company seeks to develop a prototype of self- contained solar power hydrogen production plant with photovoltage of 1.5V, by eliminating the need to use conventional hydrocarbon fuels that produce harmful emission.

The research also seeks for market expansion opportunities by implementing the product for commercial use to power hydrogen cell vehicles, renewable electricity and other industrial applications. “Our researchers have worked really hard to reach this level which will bring us significantly closer to building cost-effective systems for producing hydrogen,” adds Tim.