IBM and Novo Nordisk Join Hands to Offer Diabetes Care Solutions

By CIOReview | Monday, December 14, 2015

ARMONK, NY: The increase in number of patients affected by diabetes has paved the way for diabetes care solutions from various organizations. To this end, IBM Watson Health collaborates with Novo Nordisk to bring forth diabetes solutions built on Watson Health Cloud.

IBM Watson Health Cloud is a cloud based data sharing hub powered by advanced cognitive and analytic technologies that brings together clinical, research and social data from diverse range of health sources. Together with Novo Nordisk, it will explore new possibilities of diabetes care with real time insights from Novo Nordisk’s diabetes treatments and devices. The partnership will allow Novo Nordisk to extract the abilities of Watson Health Cloud to advance its offerings to healthcare professionals regarding diabetes.

“Working with ambitious partners like IBM Watson Health helps us explore the opportunities presented by an increasingly digitalised healthcare system. We aim to leverage our combined capabilities to improve the lives of people with diabetes by making the management of the condition more simple, effective and measurable,” says Jakob Riis, EVP, Novo Nordisk.