IBM and Twitter Unveil Cloud-Data Services with Insights from Twitter

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 24, 2015

ARMONK, NY: Data has grown exponentially for the last few years and continues to grow faster. Social media, today, is a storehouse of rich data that requires to be mined. IBM and Twitter have announced that businesses can avail cloud-data services with actionable insights from Twitter built into it.

The fundamental challenge for businesses would be to recognize the relevant data and isolate the noise; especially with the amount of real-time, conversational data that moves around every second. With this latest move, IBM aims to combine this information with data from multiple sources, platforms and deliver an apt understanding of trends.

The analytics cloud will help professionals: combine Twitter data with IBM’s Enterprise Hadoop-as-a-Service offering; integrate data curation, predictive analysis and visual storytelling; create apps driven by insights gained from “IBM’s Insights for Twitter” service on Bluemix, a platform for digital innovation.

IBM points to some of the key insights attained from the early engagements of the cloud service and it observes that, a lot of links that could not be established previously can be correlated now. Referring to the importance of geographical influences on service interruptions and the reaction of customer to service at a retail store and its impact on their relationship; it can be inferred that everything businesses want to know is out there and it comes down to having the right tools and employing pertinent methods.

In this regard, use of psycholinguistic analytics from IBM Research, when combined with available operational data, can reveal the reasons for a products’ success or failure in the market and facilitate better merchandising strategies. Thereby it can help enterprises keep track of the varying nature of demand and serve as a marker to innovate.

“The unprecedented partnership between IBM and Twitter helps businesses tap into billions of real-time conversations to make smarter decisions. Through unique expertise, curation and insights Twitter data is now able to inform decision-making far inside organizations,” says Glenn Finch, Global Leader, Big Data & Analytics, IBM Global Business Services.