IBM Bluemix now Harbours IBM Streaming Analytics and IBM Message Hub

By CIOReview | Tuesday, November 3, 2015

ARMONK, NY- IBM recently announced the collaboration of the Beta versions of its two important tools Streaming Analytics and Message Hub and going professional with the full versions of the same on the IBM Cloud. The idea behind this is to help Developers connect the external data into their apps and to help visualize and analyze the same.

These tools are based on the Apache Kafka Messaging Engine which serves as a single repository for data streams that can be transparently expanded without downtime.IBM’s  Bluemix cloud platform make these features available on open standards and caters to the requirements across several verticals viz., Big Data, Mobile and Internet of Things.

The Streaming Analytics service analyzes millions of events per second to enable sub-millisecond response times and initiate instant decision-making. The tool facilitates growth of the streams to the required size and is definitely on the way to be a trend setter. This feature is really handy in production applications where scaling up the parameters becomes a necessity in most cases. The flexibility offered by this approach is helpful for companies to spot opportunities or risks for all sorts of data initiation.

IBM’s Message Hub, on the other hand is a scalable, distributed, high-throughput messaging feature for Cloud applications. Like the Streaming Analytics tool, Message Hub is also built on Apache Kafka API to communicate with other applications through its open source messaging. This in turn makes it easier to work a multitude of languages for different microservices without having to restart for every minor amends.

With the introduction of these tools, the process of developing apps with enough room for making changes at any stage without hassle could be highly convenient for developers.